Personal E-Banking Business



  Personal E-banking is the electronic banking channel via which account inquiry, fund transfer and wealth management can take place with the aid of internet. Personal e-banking can satisfy the diversified financial service needs from different customers, and the service is greatly secured and customized.

  Application Requirement

  Customers need to present his/her ID documents and the KLB cards or current bankbooks (personal settlement account) which are required for registration.


  1. Safe and reliable: it applies several identity authentication methods, including SMS verification, password card and KLB EQSecure. The digital certificate issued by CFCA is adopted so the completeness, confidentiality and non-repudiation are assured. Multiple and heterogeneous firewalls, safeguard protection, enforced SSL certificates and web-page integrity assurance are also used to protect the website’s security.

  2. Fast and convenient: it provides 7*24hr non-stop E-Banking service without the restriction of time and space and Triple-A (anytime, anywhere and anyhow) service and premium management for customers. Intra-city fund transfer, inter-city fund transfer, investment and wealth management service will be available in a convenient and efficient manner. The guide information will also enable users to understand the functions of the system.

  3. Diversity: Its user-friendly account list, complete breakdowns and diversified accounting function will satisfy your needs.

  Targeted clients

  Any personal customer who holds a KLB debit card or bankbook (personal settlement account) and good credit record is eligible to register a personal e-banking account.