Telephone banking


  KLB telephone banking service combines CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), self-helped indicating voice and CSR (Customer Service Representative) to deliver financial service to customers.

  Anywhere and anytime, you will be able to get access to the ‘7x24’ round-the-clock telephone banking service if you dial the toll-free hotline (4006696569) with a telephone.

  For now, personal customers can get access to service ranging from remittance, account management, loss report, SMS notice, account switch, public information inquiry and staff service, etc. Corporate customers can get access to account inquiry service, fax service, customer service, and staff service etc.

  Business Features:

  1. Convenient and functional

  The application process for KLB telephone service is pretty streamlined and the operation process is simple. The combination of self-helped indicating voice and CSR makes the service efficient and practical.

  2. Anytime and anywhere

  You will be enjoying the ‘7x24’ round-the-clock telephone banking service. The CTI can promise security and get over the limit of time and space.

  3. Real-time interbank remittance

  The interbank remittance service includes real-time remittance and common remittance. The real-time service enables customers to make real-time small payment off working hours.

  4. Securing and caring

  Apart from dynamic passwords, the KLB password card is recognized as a more advanced authenticating tool.

  Targeted Clients:

  Any personal customer who holds a KLB debit card or bankbook (personal settlement account) and good credit record is eligible to register a personal e-banking account.

  Any corporate customer (including enterprise, administrative institution, NGO) who holds a good credit standing and who already holds a KLB bank account is eligible to register a corporate e-banking account.