Corporate E-Banking


  Corporate E-banking is the electronic banking channel via which account inquiry, fund transfer, wealth management and payroll payment can take place with the aid of internet.

  With the Corporate E-Banking system, customers can finish their financial accounting on their own and raise the efficiency of the financial staff. The capital efficiency would also be raised, the operating cost would be economized and the wealth management can be conducted in a convenient way.

  The service has two versions: the inquiry version and the professional version. The professional corporate e-banking service ranges from account management, remittance service, financial service, wealth management service to customer service, etc. It enables an enterprise to know its financial position, to transfer funds timely, and pay the payroll. The inquiry corporate e-banking service ranges includes account management and customer service, and it basically enables an enterprise to inquire the account balance and breakdowns.


  Application Requirement

  Customers need to present the application documents required by the A/C opening banks.

  Business Features

  1. Safe and reliable: it applies several identity authentication methods, including SMS verification, password card and KLB EQSecure. The digital certificate issued by CFCA is adopted so the completeness, confidentiality and non-repudiation are assured. Multiple and heterogeneous firewalls, safeguard protection, enforced SSL certificates and web-page integrity assurance are also used to protect the website’s security.

  2. Fast and convenient: it provides 7*24hr non-stop E-Banking service without the restriction of time and space and Triple-A (anytime, anywhere and anyhow) service and premium management for customers. Intra-city fund transfer, inter-city fund transfer, investment and wealth management, and payroll payment service will be available in a convenient and efficient manner. The guide information will also enable the corporate users to understand the functions of the system.

  3. Diversity: Its user-friendly account list, complete breakdowns, diversified accounting function and Bank-Corporate Direct will satisfy the needs of corporate customers.

  Targeted Clients

  Any corporate customer (including enterprise, administrative institution, NGO) who holds a good credit standing and who already holds a KLB bank account is eligible to register a corporate e-banking account.