Corporate Credit

Commercial Discounted Bills

  The Bank provide commercial discounted bills service to corporate enterprises or other economic institutions, whose registrations have been approved by relevant industrial and commercial management authorities.

  Documents required for the business:

  a) Original copy of commercial bills with no wording as “not negotiable” or “pledged” on it;

  b) Supporting documents which can demonstrate the real commodity exchange relationship between you and the agent or the direct preceding agent, the original copy deal contract and the related business or value added tax are needed;

  c) Corporate deposit account in the Bank;

  d) Application Form of Commercial Discounted Bills;

  e) Operations permit, annual reviewed loan certificate, etc;

  f) ID card of the processor

  Business Process:

  a) Client application: When you file a commercial discounted bill application, you must provide the abovementioned materials to Kunlun Bank branch for approval;

  b) Transferred by endorsement: Approved by the Bank, corporations should apply for the endorsement of the transfer and fill in discount certificates on commercial bills;

  c) Use of funds: In deduction of the discount interest, corporations will receive corresponding transfer of funds to your deposit account for proper use.

  Other related instructions:

  a) Commercial bills discounted period is from the date of discounting until the maturity date, the maximum period of cannot be over six month;

  b) In accordance with the provisions of PBOC, for discounted commercial bill business with enterprise or public legal persons and other economic organizations, the discount rate will be raised on the basis of rediscount rate;

  c) The Bank can provide comprehensive business such as seller interest payment discount, buyer interest payment discount, the agreement interest payment discount, commission agent discount and free recourse to the discount business to the client to meet the short-term financing needs.