Personal housing mortgage loans

  Personal housing mortgage loans are used to purchase, build various living house and issued to individual by bank. The length of maturity is not exceed 30 years and it cannot over 70 years when the length of maturity plus the age of borrower. In principle personal housing mortgage loans should be mortgaged or pledged in accordance with the loan guarantee rule.

  Applicant’s qualification:

  1.       Natural persons with full civil capacity of age between 18 (inclusive) and 60 (inclusive) years old;

  2.       Applicants must have legal identification and certificate of marriage status;

  3.       Applicants must have good credit record and will to repay;

  4.       Applicants must have stable income and be capable of repaying loans and due interest in time;

  5.       Applicants must have signed housing sales contract or pre-sales contract;

  6.       Applicants must be capable of paying the down payment;

  7.       Applicants must have personal settlement account in our bank;

  8.       Applicants must provide valid mortgage recognized by our bank;

  9.       Other requirements stated by our bank.

  Applicants’ documents:

  1.       Applicants’ identification;

  2.       Applicants’ book of registered permanent residence;

  3.       Applicants’ proof of income;

  4.       Applicants’ proof of credit standing and respectability (i.e. House proprietary certificate, driving license, national debt book, deposit receipt, stock, fund and etc)

  5.       Copies of repayment account;

  6.       Other documents if our bank requires.

  Service Channel and Time:

  To apply, submit the application to the local Bank of Kunlun outlets.

  All the content stated above is for your reference only. Please consult the local branch of Bank of Kunlun for further information.。