Savings Business

Intelligent fund transfer

  Intelligent Fund Transfer is a KLB service to make fund transfer as instructed by client. Currently, this service offers 2 types of Intelligent Fund Transfer: Recurring, and balance top-up.

  1.  Recurring Auto- Transfer: transferring a fixed sum to your or other’s account from your account at a fixed cycle, it is applicable to make transfer for house mortgage repayment account  every month, alimony to parents and living expense to children, etc.

  2.  Balance Top-up Auto- Transfer: When the balance in your account or other one’s account is below your specified standard, KLB Auto-ally transfers a certain sum from other account of yours in order to maintain the account balance above the specified standard.

  Service Features

  1. Intelligent, time-saving and trouble-free financing: After signing Auto- Transfer Agreement with the Bank, you needn’t worry about your trivial accounting matters. Bank of Kunlun will make transfer Auto-ally under your requirement to save your time and energy.

  2.  Various services: Band of Kunlun Auto- transfer can help you with living expenses for your children or alimony to parents, or maximum limitation control of account.

  3.  Convenience to apply. You may apply it at Bank of Kunlun banking outlets.

  How to apply:

  You may present Bank of Kunlun debit card and valid ID at any service outlets to sign the contract.